Google embarks on smart contact lenses for diabetics

 It is time to talk about the social benefit companies can generate. It is the case of Google, a worldwide enterprise that controls everything that goes on Internet. Some days ago I read one news about Google that really impressed me. Google has invested great amounts of money to make diabetics their life much easier.

It is a new contact lens that id build to measure the glucose in your blood, so diabetics could stop having to test them selves every day. Much more hygienic, comfortable and futuristic.

Here comes the best thing. With this example we can see how Internet companies can, not only develop the digital world, but can also invest in medical innovation. This is magnificent. The digital Era has become a global problem solving system, which its only aim is to make a world better.

Diabetes is said to be one of the fastest growing diseases in the world. According to Google, it affects one in 19 people around the globe. They did their investigations, saw the problem and have managed to find a possible solution. It is highlighting how this company has expanded and how they really try to make our lives better.