You Are What You Blog

Some people say “You are what you eat”. Basically, it means that you transfer into the things you put into your body. If you want to be fit, you need to eat good and healthy food. But can it also be true for blogging? Are we really what we blog?

If you think of your blog as your body, then you really are what you blog.

The things you eat are the same as the things you blog about.

How come?

Well, if you eat only hamburgers, french fries, and cupcakes, then you actually don’t really care about your body. It is a general knowledge, that fast food is not healthy.  If you write something meaningless just because you have to write something, then this is not “healthy”  for your blog either. Your food says a lot about you. Your blog says even more.

Fast blogging = fast food = not healthy.

You simply have to care about your blog just the way you have to care about your body. When you eat good food, then you feel great and look great. When you post interesting articles in your blog, everybody reads and likes them and this is how you become successful. If your body doesn’t look good, you don’t look good. If your blog doesn’t look good, you don’t look good. You are what you blog.


Along Came The Printing Press

I hate starting a sentence with a number. It is somehow too theoretical and even boring. But when it comes to blogging, it can never be boring, right?

As surprising as it is, blogging also has a history. Once upon a time one man did something very important, which nowadays we do not really appreciate. In case you are still wondering, I am talking about that German guy Johannes Gutenberg, who tried his best and in 1450 invented the printing press. So what, one might say.

Dear one,

563 years is a lot. And actually he did us a BIG favor. Why? Because he was the first to realize how important it was to print books, instead of writing copies with your own hands. He practically introduced the book to the majority of people. 563 later we have the magic of printing.

So far, so good. But what the hell does this have to do with publishing? Well, by inventing that awesome machine – the printing press – Gutenberg gave us the opportunity to publish limitlessly, without having to worry about how are we going to multiply our texts, books, newspapers, magazines and etc.

Now that we have the Internet, we do not really need a printing press. We can write, publish and multiply the text through the cyber space limitlessly. And then came the blogging. So much for the cool invention…

But if you reeeeally think about it, we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to publish texts and blog, if it wasn’t for Gutenberg and his press. So, he did his job very well! We may no longer need to buy neswpapers on paper, because we can read them online, but we wouldn’t have had online newspapers, if we didn’t have paper newspapers. This is the natural flow of history. And it will always be that way.

All I am actually trying to say is that it all began in 1450, when Gutenberg invented the printing machine. So we should appreciate it a little bit more, because without it, we wouldn’t have had publishing, nor blogging.

Can bloggers be opinion leaders?

Have you heard of an opinion leader?

This is someone, who people trust and often ask for an advise – a writer, a journalist, an expert in some professional area or even a famous actor. These people are real leaders, because  they read a lot and are aware of the current events. They observe the media and inform themselves for the opinion of different people and use it as a solid basis to form their own opinion.

The opinion leaders are often concidered very important by the media. Usually those people are good-looking and charismatic and catch the attention of the audience. The journalists usualy ask them for an interview to find out what they think about a particular problem, because they know that most of the people like them and find them interesting. Whenever and wherever the opinion leaders share their thoughts, people listen to them carefully and trust them. Somehow they have managed to gain people’s trust and that makes them quite powerful.

Who can be an opinion leader? Anybody, who is concidered inteligent and successful enough. I wonder if bloggers can also be opinion leaders…Why not? Bloggers also observe the news and do not hesitate to publish their thoughts. People follow different blogs in order to inform themselves what the bloggers think of the current events.

But it is not that easy to be an opinion leader, because you are under a lot of pressure, knowing that people read your articles and listen to you very carefully. You are their leader and you have no right to mislead them. You can easily stop being an opinion leader and be replaced by someone new with fresh ideas and original thoughts.

If you want to be an opinion leader, it is not enough to be a charismatic person with an extraordinary thinking and briliant ideas. You have to be honest and equitable. And you simply have to gain people’s trust. But first you have to deserve it.

Blogging is fashionable

“What do you think of when J says “poor”? Is it your short of cash? Or is it your state of mind?”

This quotation welcomes everybody, who visits the Museum of Fashion in Antwerp, Belgium. When I first saw this sentence, it immediately made me thinking about how fashion is irreversibly related to one’s true state of mind.

And so is blogging.

When I walk down Meir Str. a.k.a the shopping street in Antwerp, sometimes I find the clothes in the shop windows crazy and sometimes I find them quite cool. If you really think about it, fashion is about expressing yourself. Just like publishing articles in a blog. Designers show who they are by making clothes. We can do it by posting our opinion in a blog on the internet.  Some people may find our thoughts crazy, but others can be amazed by our ideas.

We should not be afraid of expressing ourselves. The clothes in the shops on Meir Str. are fashionable, which means that expressing yourself is fashionable. Blogging is a way to express yourself and thus it is fashionable.

So, go for it, publish your craziest ideas and see how many new friends you will find. Blogging is fashionable. Be fashionable 🙂

Malala Yousafzai: The Power of Blogging

Recently, I read about a 16-year-old Pakistani girl, called Malala Yousafzai, who has completely changed the meaning of the term blogging.

Everyday she fights for women’s right of education, publishing articles about its importance. Malala was encouraged to share her thoughts online by the BBC, who supported her and her cause, by giving her the chance to speak in public. What a great story, one might say.

It is great, because Malala started struggling for her cause not as a soldier, but as a blogger. May be this will inspire all of us, because it will remind us how much power we gain by just pushing the keyboard buttons and updating our blogs.

Actually, Malala did not change the meaning of the term blogging. She just reminded us of its original meaning – fighting for your own ideas and for who you really are.

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging In a Minute

Have you ever dreamed of having your own media? Guess what – your time has come! Many people all over the world have been maintaining blogs for ages. In my opinion blogs are a very important “invention”, because they simply give you the opportunity to express your thoughts and feelings. The Blog is like your personal online diary.

Another good thing about blogs is that you get immediate feedback from your audience. People comment and share their opinion on your articles and that way you get lots of different points of view.

May be some of you worry that once you have sent your ideas to the cyber space, they can be “stolen” and used by somebody else, regardless of your writes as an author of the text. Calm down! First of all, your blog can always be deleted. Also, whenever somebody hits one of the tags of your articles in Google or somewhere else,  your name will immediately pop up. It will be clear that you are the one and only owner of your blog.

If you love taking photos, the blog is your way to show the world your findings as a photographer. That way you can easily update your internet diary with visual information.

Last but not least, your blog is your personal media. You already are a journalist with a bright fiture. It is like you have your own newspaper with your own texts and photos. How cool is that!

So, go for it, my friends. Dive in. The world is listening!