Journalism as entertainment in Europe

Increased competition within the media has had an impact on the practice and performance of journalism. Objectivity is no important any more. What audience is really interested on are the lifestyles of famous people or the secret affairs of world known politicians.

This has being caused because of two reasons. The first one is that the USA model has emerged in Europe. As the American mass media is the one to be followed, Europe has decided to copy their style of journalism. Now, the necessity of keeping in the game has made journalism sentimental and superficial.

The second reason is because mass media is in control of a few massive enterprises. One clear example is Berlusconi in Italy. He owns more than a 50% of Italians media, and decides on what is shown. He has copied the American style and, the rest of the Italian enterprises and the public media have to adjust so they can still be competitive in their sector.

This is one of the disadvantages I see in Mass Media privatization. It is no longer a case of good and deep information, but a sensational journalism in most cases.



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