Global streaming

One of the things I miss more now that I study abroad are the football weekends. I usually go out with my friends and watch all the Spanish football league matches. Not only that, but we also enjoy watching the Champions League.

As a football supporter, Internet has made me a huge favour. There was a time when you had to pay monthly to watch your football team match, so you had to decide ether to pay, go to a friends house that paid the license or to a bar.

Now, I am studying on another country and I can watch all the football matches I can, by streaming and HD. This, for me is a revolution. This is how I believe in Internet: As a way of helping society and destroying the barriers leading enterprises create.

This has being just an example of what makes me believe in digital journalism. The scenario has already being shown (Internet), now it is time for journalism to join this global scenario with endless wideness.

The best example I can imagine is Youtube. This web site has global control on society and gives huge amount of possibilities. Everything is in there, to the point of needing more than 10 lives’ to see all the videos uploaded. As a conclusion, I love the fact that everything can be shared at real time. Culture has increased and freedom rules the journal world.



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