Does journalism have a future?

I have heard this reflexion more than enough times in the past three years. Although I am not likely to become a future journalism, I study Advertising and PPRR, I like the fact that people get prepared to show me what is happening in the world.

Press has provided truth and freedom to the society, but it has also being used for political goals and to oppress the population throughout some dictatorships. Here comes the problem: Internet is everywhere, and with it, the digital journalism has appeared into scene.

I can barely remember when my parents and I read the printed newspaper at home. Since the last decade, our laptop screen has started doing the function of the printed ink.  With this, millions of news and post appear within seconds in the web, creating a high decrease on objectivity. You can be a “web-journalist” despite of your preparation and your sauces, leading a world of mistrust and useless information.

Nevertheless, I believe that if you are interested in real journalism, you can easily find it. It is still there, no matter if it’s printed or on a screen. The more I read, the more I realise the high preparation the journalists go through, the more I know the future of journalism is completely safe.


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