Digital Media: lobbying weapon?

There are certain jobs that have enough years of history to consider themselves as historical. One of them is lobbying, which has being made since we know the Homo sapiens sapiens. We have all lobbied sometime, arguing for the film to watch or the city to visit.

Digital Media is the platform to use if you want to lobby. It is immediate, it targets perfectly the groups to be lobbied and it can make you accomplish your job in a few days. Every politician is highly interested in having good relationships with media companies. They spend huge amount of money to create a good atmosphere of confidence and friendship.

One of the main streams of a political party is the lobbying they do. Mass Media can show the world what they decide, so information can be transformed to convince us of their wailings. It is now when we have to me very careful on what to believe. The digital world is corrupted by favours, partnerships and legal borderlines.

Nevertheless, they have to be very careful on what they do or say, the minimum mistake and it would be world known in minutes. That is why political parties and bug companies financially help media companies. Nowadays, the image people have of your company is 50% of success.



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