Social media are a danger

The European Commission thinks that social media are a danger for negotiations. The online media can cause serious debates with the public.

The European Commission is negotiating about a new agreement about intellectual property. The last agreement they made about this subject, was rejected because of the negative reactions on the social media. Many people were against it because they thought it would restrict the freedom of speech.

I personally don’t think the European Commission should make such a big deal out of it. People have a strong opinion about everything on the social media. Even the smallest things can create a massive debate. For example when there’s a football game on the television, everybody on Twitter is discussing about it. Everybody has the right to have an opinion but that doesn’t mean you always have to listen to that opninions.

On the other hand, this is a very important subject. The freedom of speech cannot be restricted. And in this case The European Commission should listen to the people. But that doesn’t mean that social media are dangerous for negotiations. It are the negotiations that are dangerous for the freedom of speech.


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