Be brave and fight for them

Last week, while I was going through my timetable in Twitter, I saw that one of my friends from University retweeted something that really chocked me: “2013, the year of journalist’s kidnapping”.

Without thinking about it twice, I decided to click into the link and read the entire article.

During this year 2013, in total 87 journalists have been kidnapped. Most of them in Syria, where 18 foreign journalists kidnapped and 22 Syrian can be found.

I, personally, can’t understand how journalists are treated in several countries. People have the right to know what is going on in their countries and even in the entire world. The freedom of speech is something essential today; everyone needs to have the chance of saying aloud what they think without the need of hiding. Different opinions should be respected.

Moreover, stop and think one moment about a world without freedom of speech, a world in where only politicians and people with power would have the right of saying what they think. Won’t it be boring? Everyone thinking the same… I can’t even imagine it. We should be brave and we should say what we think. Things are going to change if we react, if we fight for them.

Don’t be in silence because of fear. This year hasn’t been the year of journalists… but who knows, maybe 2014 is going to be our year, we should continue working hard and showing that these kidnappings are not going to stop us. Just believe, believe all is going to improve and fight for our mates, those who are kidnapped because of doing their work, because of doing good things, because of informing the rest of the world about injustices.


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