Let it Snow(den)

Only seven months ago Edward Snowden started revealing the the NSA-files. With christmas coming and 2013 slowly coming to an end, I think it’s a good time review the consequences the revelations have had.

Politicaly the NSA-files have had little to no influence. Of course, the relations between Russia and the US hasn’t improved but one can ask how good the relation ever was. Putin has shown little doubt when he got the opportunity to bother the Obama-administration. Now even a new, Cold War-like arms race seems to have developed with thrashtalk-related quotes from both presidents. It is hard to say though, in which moderation the Snowden-case started this.

In Europe, presidents Hollande and Merkel didn’t seem to amused with the information the friendly, slightly dominant neighbour USA was spying on both their countries and even the presidents them selves. Europe didn’t do much else than make a sad face and get on with it’s life. Even more, the European countries colaborated to get an Bolivian flight, a diplomatic flight, out fo the air, to check if Edward Snowden was in the plane, trying to make it to South America.

The only one really offended seem to be some South-American countries. Roussef, the Brazilian president cancelled a state visit to the US. The Brazilian government is looking for solutions to keep the Americans from spying on them, their companies and their civilians. With her there are , Venezuela and Bolivia who are prepared to grand asylum to Snowden. Ecuador was less eager to help the whistleblower. How ever, the nation already keeps Wikileaks-founder Julian Assange safe in their England based ambassy.

More worrying is the attitude of the European people in this matter. Nobody seems really bothered by the invasion of their privacy through a government that’s not even his or hers. Maybe some new years resolution thing to think about.



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