5 tips for journalists entering the digital world

At the NCTJ’s Journalism Skills Conference at Bournemouth University, a panel were asked to give advice to new journalists. Here you can find  the five most important tips that were shared that day.

1. Build your own brand
It’s not about the newspaper you work for, it’s about you and only you. You have to become your own brand. This was called the ‘big shift in our era’. For example, on Twitter, by far the most important source of news now, it’s about the individual.

2. Be good storytellers, but also understand the business
It goes without saying that a good journalist needs writing skills. You have to be able to tell a story.

But nowadays it’s also very important that a modern journalist knows his/her programs.

3. Being a curator
The role journalists play in delivering content to their audience is big: through curation and aggregation. They have to make sure the news they produce is real and they have to present it short and clear to their audience. Besides, thanks to the Internet, journalists can add all their source information. There’s no limit.

4. Engage with your community beyond the article
Journalists have the possibilities and the devices to communicate with their audience. That’s one of the biggest changes the last 30 years. But, still they wait for the audience to come to ‘them’. It’s their job to go to them (Liisa Rohumaa).

5. Ask difficult questions
As a journalist, it’s your job to ask questions. Curiosity is the key.


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