Professionals Provide Online Video Journalism Workshop

As a person who is interested in directing and especially of documentaries, I sometimes look for good advices for filming online. Today I found an online video journalism workshop, led by an award-winning journalist – Bill Gentile. In the videos, provided by the project, you can see good practices in this sphere of work, how to express your ideas, to tell your stories in the best way, how to deal with technique, sound and image. There are also interviews with filmmakers, who share their experience.

This workshop could be really useful for online journalists. The possibility to mix text, sound and video makes the materials provided by the online media richer and more influential. It gives additional authenticity to the text material when the journalist supports his words not only with photographs, but also with video reports. So the good video storytelling is very important.

This is one of the videos from the workshop:


You can read more about the workshop on the official website and on the official Facebook page.


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