What NOT to do online

I was looking for a subject for a good, solid, and great written… Ok, an article. Just that, no more bragging. Then I read this article, from machable.com. I like that angle, so I decided start from there. So here it goes: What NOT to do online.

Quote from the article I mentioned previously: “Ethics rules vary from newsroom to newsroom and country to country” End quote.
I think this is true. When I read this, I realized that indeed every country has these rules for their media. But the internet isn’t bound by the borders of the land. It’s endless, infinite and will continue to exist for as long as our servers keep working. This means bloggers have a massive responsibility. And maybe we don’t always appreciate that responsibility.


My first point when we don’t appreciate the responsibility and ignore all good manners, is found on youtube. I now look to all those youtube-comments that are just there to piss you off. I’ll give you an example. I’m ShanghaiForever by the way.

It was a great improvised song from the Tv show Improv A Ganza. I commented this:
Schermafbeelding 2013-12-14 om 11.17.53

It’s a funny song! And some stupid Emma-person replies:
Schermafbeelding 2013-12-14 om 11.17.20

It’s rude, I don’t know her, the comment is pointless and doesn’t make sense. Good thing I don’t know how to reply back yet, otherwise this might have become some stupid argument. Good thing… So internet-users, don’t forget your good manners!


Next thing bloggers need to remember, double-check your sources. There’s a great example of this in Belgium and The Netherlands. A Dutch journalist had created the Twitter-account @Monarchie.be, when our prince was about to become king. He then sold this account to our Royal Palace. Very smart move, he made some easy money. Our Royal Palace tweeted away, but the journalist was still able to tweet with this account! The Royals hadn’t changed the password and such. The journalist even tweeted this, in the name of our King:
Twitter Koning
It says: I feel good as your King! God Bless Belgium!

This tweet has now been deleted, and the journalist has closed off the account for himself. There is proof in the form of video footage for that. So, double check even your most reliable sources, such as our Royals. Hackers are everywhere…


Also, my last point of advice. Things get outdated on the web. So be sure to check the date of when this article was written. You don’t want to copy some information that matches your opinion, but is completely outdated. Makes you look like a fool, like a fool! (Sorry, a little Phoebe from Friends came through there… Been watching it to much. See what I mean here, @3:15)

Anyway, so, things get outdated, beware! Here is a great example, Nelson Maldela (God Bless His Soul) has recently passed away. Now, this should appear on his wikipedia-page, right? It does, don’t you worry. But you can see at the very bottom of the page when a page was modified, can be very useful to see how up to date a page is.
Schermafbeelding 2013-12-14 om 10.51.36

That is the latest date it was modified up to today, the 14th of december of 2013. Wow! It’s been modified today! Just realized 😀 Nice!

So, summary:

  • Never forget your good manners. My youtube-example.
  • Always double check your sources, even the reliable ones! Our King’s mysterious Tweet-example.
  • Always make sure the page you watch is up to date. Be sure to see when it was modified for the last time. Mandela-example.

Now, blog away and be nice!


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