3 Reasons Why I Still Don’t Have a Personal Blog

Almost all of the journalists and the journalism students who I know have a personal blog. Recently I’m thinking of following their example. I like the idea. To create my own online mirror of words. My little cosmos, limited only by me. I put the borders, I cross them. And sharing myself. Like the others share themselves with me. Reading pieces from each other. It’s beautiful.

But I still don’t have a personal blog and here are my reasons why I’m postponing it.

1. The lack of self-discipline. As I already stated in one of my previous articles, the self-discipline to create a content of good quality anytime is one of the most important things in journalism, and respectively in blogging. If I really want to have an influential blog, I need to maintain it properly and to publish good materials regularly. Well, I think that I still don’t have such a strong self-discipline.

2. I’m afraid that I’ll stop value the words as much as I do now. Following the need to maintain the blog all the time publishing regularly I may stop writing because I want to, but because I feel obliged to. If I start accepting the creative process as an end in itself, my thoughts would sound fake, they would lose their meaning. Raping words, sentences, whole texts just in the name of the posting. So where is the point?

3. I’m doubting that I’d really be heard. Every author wants to be noticed and as bigger the public is as better. I’m not sure that the blog would give enough popularity to the things I publish. And if noone else reads it except 5-6 people, or even a bit more, isn’t it like throwing my ideas in the empty space?

Althought I have these doubts, I think that soon I’m gonna try having and maintaining a personal blog. Still the need to create and share myself with the others is probably stronger than all the doubts in the world. 


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