Online Nomads

Online journalists somehow remind me of nomads. Online nomads.

The online environment creates the perfect atmosphere for developing and feeding their nomad souls. They move often from media to media, just like the nomads move often from place to place, looking for better conditions, living, and inspiration.

When it comes to the traditional media, it seems that the journalists tend to stay at one workplace for a longer time – for years, even for a lifetime. They connect their career to it and get perfectly adapted to its rhythm, style, tactics, and politics. Their professional work is consisted of layers of traditions, and the long traditions are kind of a guarantee for a good quality. But the traditions sometimes mean also conservatism and respectively more limits.

On the other hand we have the online journalists, who tend to change their workplace more often or to work for a few online media at the same time. In this case they don’t have so strong traditions as a background, but they have a bigger variety of experience. The bigger variety of experience means more eclectic and colourful style of working. The eclecticism in culture, in life, and in work often leads to interesting results.

I have already chosen to be part of the nomad bunch of online buddies, at least for a while. I need that – to change the environment from time to time, to try different styles, topics, even different borders. I believe it will enrich me in many ways, but still someday I will have to go back to the traditions. Because I suppose that even the nomad souls, online or in real life, need a wharf at some point. At least for some time.

But for now I am one of them.

The online nomads.



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