Some encrypting tools published an article about Frédéric Jacobs, a hacker specialized in encrypting digital messages, like e-mails and text messages. It is translated into Dutch, originaly it is a French article, you should find it in our Diigo-group.


I think it is increasingly important for journalists to know how to encrypt their data. Jacobs himself says: “We should prevent the internet from becoming a puddle from which agencies can pick up any information that’s circulating.” I completely agree with his point of view, even though I believe for most of us this is already the case. It is very likely that corporations like Google, Apple, Facebook and so on, are reading our messages and thanks to the Snowden-files we are quite sure the NSA watching us as well, not to mention all the other ‘security agencies’.

There are however quite some tools which we can use to encrypt our messages. We are able to use TOR so that we can surf online anonymously. To encrypt our e-mails we can use software called PGP (Pretty Good Privacy). Not that I have any experience using it, but it is supposed not to be the most user-friendly software on the planet, so here you go, a tutorial: .


Another nice, more simple to use tool, is TextSecure and RedPhone. Two apps created by ‘Open WhisperSystems’ the project Frédéric Jacobs himself is working on as well. With the TextSecure app it should be possible to send texts that can’t be read by a third party, with RedPhone your conversations should be a lot mot difficult to monitor.

To be clear, non of the software above is 100% safe. It makes your messages a lot more difficult to decipher, which means it makes it a lot more expensive for governments to spy on their people. Especially for journalists, I can imagine, some kind of a positive development.


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