Radio-podcast: Another useful way of on-line journalism


One of my courses at Plantijn is called “Do it yourself”. It consist on a project of my choosing, on which I have to spend a certain number of hours in order to get my credits. The project of my choosing was ARF: a radio-podcast made for foreigners who arrive into Antwerp.

I choose this project because it’s the best way to transmit this kind of information to the listener. It’s true that the radio is a conditioned media due to it’s linear discourse, non-repeatable experience, and fugacity of the message; and because of the fact that it is a routine element in our lives present almost everywhere, and thus prone to be ignored. But a podcast change the whole experience:

– The listener can choose when, where and what he/she wants to listen to, so it’s not routine anymore.

– The listener can replay the emission as much as he/she wants, and from any minute.

– The contents aren’t conditioned anymore by time and routine, so the emission can focus more on transmitting information, instead of how to drag the attention of the listener.

– Anyone can access to it, so any kind of audience can find what they want; and being on-line media it has more power to drag the attention of younger generations.

Like the radio it has access everywhere in any computer, smartphone or tablet; and at anytime. It is also compatible with another activities.

To sum up, podcast are adapted to the listener needs. Personalized and repeatable, it is a perfect way of transmission of the information targeted for a specific group.


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