Euronews APPs: Fast and useful.

Euronews has been so far the most efficient and complete international news channel in Europe, not to mention their web is constantly updated to 14 languages. But they wont stop there, Euronews has released so far 3 apps for smartphones and tablets: Euronews Express, Euronews Live and Euronews Radio.

Express is more than just a word

Express is more than just a word

I’m not a user of Twitter, I created my account due to the external pressures to do so from my communication campus in Salamanca. One of the reasons they gave is that you received the news right as it happened, but in the end just by following a couple newspapers, a magazine,Ricky Gervais and Stephen Fry, my newsfeed was full from useless info from people I didn’t even knew.

A couple months ago I decided to check if Euronews had some kind of useful app, and I wasn’t disappointed. I just found my substitute for Twitter in the Express app. It is easy to navigate through, consisting in headers with small descriptions and a link to the article in In the beginning I wasn’t surprised, but the good thing about it is it’s sections:News, Editor’s choice and Flash. The last one is the one that really proves it’s importance, but I didn’t realized this until this Thursday when Mandela died.

A 24h news chanell everywhere

A 24h news chanell everywhere

I received the news through a notification by the app, minutes after Jacob Zuma declared it. So I opened my Facebook expecting to see a lot of posts about it, but found nothing, and in twitter the strange people just talked about their stupid things.

The Live app is also really useful, is a video 24 hours channel of nonstop news streaming in your phone, but it’s  not just that: the cyclic stream of news changes the news every time, just preserving the most important one, giving you enough time in your breakfast to know what happened in your sleep. It has so many interesting news you can be watching it for quite a while before you start just watching only news you already know.

ARF news are horrible compared to theirs

ARF news are awful compared to theirs

The last app is Euronews Radio, it’s the one I use less but still is pretty useful. Since it’s just the same as Euronews Live but without images it’s use depends on your internet conexion or if you just want to listen to the news in the classic radio way. Besides, it always come in handy for me whenever I feel switching from my music to the news while walking.

All three of them are available free in both Play Store and iTunes for all devices, so it’s good to see Euronews is working hard to earn their EU funds.


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