The necessity of computerexperts in journalism


This is me, taking an advance of next week’s discussion, and it’s related to the question ‘do we need a new kind of journalist, a journalist-programmer?’. I think it is needles to say we do. The internet is slowly growing out of it’s puberty. The music industry, the film and television industry are getting to know better and better what to do with this circuit of free information.

Even journalism is working itself, step by step towards a new landscape that is suited for a digital, tree-killing free information supply. Also governments start to spend more and more of their defense budgets to prevent and execute cyberattacks.

To keep an eye on what ever is happening, journalists specialized in computers are a necessity to guard our digital freedom, and our freedom as a whole. Journalists not only need to know how to use the internet, they (that is some of them), need to know exactly what is going on.

When talking about cyberattacks or about cyberwarfare nobody exactly knows what that means. Something peope do with computers to other people’s computers. To be more specific, this is about computers paid with taxpayer’s money. Containing the taxpayers private data, so of course the taxpayer should be allowed to know which risks he or she is taking with having all his or hers personal information out in the open. If a reporter is allowed to go to Irak of Afganistan, he should be allowed to watch this kind of warfare as well.

Especially since civilians are potential targets themselves, with out knowing it. Their computers might even be used against their own governments. So it is important not only journalists but people in general have a common knowledge about the technique they are so happy to use, and how it is developing.

Silvester Klaasman


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