New paper version of news magazine NewsWeek

In December 2012, the last paper version of the American news magazine NewsWeek appeared. The board decided that the paper version wasn’t profitable anymore. The sales figures kept on decreasing. So since then, the news magazine only appeared in a digital version.

But now, NewsWeek has decided to bring back the paper version. They hope the paper version will be profitable again. They want to gain that goal by making it a magazine for subscribers. In Januari or Februari 2014, you can read the magazine again in the paper version.


This is a very interesting turn in the print media. Print media isn’t doing well, and so more and more newspapers or magazines decide to bring their content via a digital platform. But now, NewsWeek will try to regain its readership by bringing back the paper version.

Only time will tell if NewsWeek will have made a good decision.


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