Tips & tricks for online journalists, good or bad?

For new journalists who are entering the world of digital journalism, it’s not always easy to just start working with the new media. Therefor, has posted an article  about tips and tricks for newbies entering the field.

Tip 1 – Build your own brand

In the article, they say journalists have to build their own brand, by using social media for example. Peter Bale, vice president and general manager of CNN International Digital, says Twitter is by far the most important source of news now, and it’s about the individual.
But my question now: if journalists will start to build their own brand, will their news coverage still be independent and neutral? In my opinion, it’s very hard to post neutral news when you’re the only one writing and controlling it. When you post an article on your own blog, I believe it will always be coloured with the own thoughts of the journalist. There’s for example no editor in chief who can control the article.

Tip 2 – Be good storytellers, but understand the business

The article states that journalists, of course, need to be good storytellers. But they also have to understand the business and the economy they’re working in. And the journalists need to be able to work with the new technology and the new designs.

Tip 3 – Be a curator

Journalists can be a curator and offer their audience a wider look on the world.

I agree with this tip. Because of the internet and the use of digital journalism, it’s much easier to link to other articles, and so the audience will get more information. And hopefully the audience will learn more and will have a more open look on things.

Tip 4 – Interact with the community

The article here says that journalists often fail to keep contact with their audience online. I agree that it’s often true that online journalists don’t talk with their audience, but I understand it must be very difficult. If an article or a post gets a lot of response, it’s not simple to answer to the needs of the audience. And as I said before, the journalist needs to be carefull with what he says, because actually, he needs to stay neutral.

Tip 5 – Ask questions

Journalists need to be curious and ask questions all the time.


I think it’s a very good article, but I do have my doubts with some of the tips. All the tips are true, but I think the biggest problem with online journalism is that the journalists aren’t being controlled. And I think that will colour their content.



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