Wearables, are they gonna kill us?

First, I may have to explain what a wearable is. It’s a watch that you use like a smartphone. There are a few manufacturers, but I wouldn’t buy it just yet.

1. Firstly, they’re gonna kill us! Yess precious, kill us! (sorry, that was a little Gollum there…) If people are scared about their smartphones being close to them in their sleep, why are they not worried about a small smarthphone/watch right near their pulse? If there is something like radiation coming from your smartphone, why would you wear it on your pulse? 

So, it will kill you!

2. Ok, another reason why not to buy a watch like that. It is ugly, and big, and just doesn’t appeal. Smartphones are getting bigger, like tablets you can use for calling. Ridicules if you ask me. You can hardly hold them in your hand anymore! Now watches are also being affected! This shouldn’t happen, people. There was a time when watches where used to simply show the time. Then the date was added. Ok, I can do that. But now watches are becoming grander, and it’s wrong! 

So, it’s ugly…

3. The big plus of a watch. The longevity. These little batteries go on for ages! The won’t let you down. … Then we got phones. These batteries were ok, lasting for about a week? That’s good! Now we have smartphones. Mine lasts for 2 days, if I don’t use it so very much. These watches only work for about a day… Then the battery goes down. Now, if your phone goes down, it’s a bitch, but all right. Use a friend’s. If your watch goes down, you’ll have no phone and no way to tell the time. And I’ve forgotten to plug in my smartphone at night so many times already. I don’t want to also have to plug in my watch. To much radiation (see point 1) and I’ll certainly trip on the cables at night. 

So, it will go flat and leave you all alone! Lost! Lost! The precious is lost!

Gollum can make anything great!

Please don’t buy a ‘smartwatch’. Please! Just stick to the phone, and then leave it alone. Human interaction is a wonderful thing. Don’t lose it!

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