Can bloggers be opinion leaders?

Have you heard of an opinion leader?

This is someone, who people trust and often ask for an advise – a writer, a journalist, an expert in some professional area or even a famous actor. These people are real leaders, because  they read a lot and are aware of the current events. They observe the media and inform themselves for the opinion of different people and use it as a solid basis to form their own opinion.

The opinion leaders are often concidered very important by the media. Usually those people are good-looking and charismatic and catch the attention of the audience. The journalists usualy ask them for an interview to find out what they think about a particular problem, because they know that most of the people like them and find them interesting. Whenever and wherever the opinion leaders share their thoughts, people listen to them carefully and trust them. Somehow they have managed to gain people’s trust and that makes them quite powerful.

Who can be an opinion leader? Anybody, who is concidered inteligent and successful enough. I wonder if bloggers can also be opinion leaders…Why not? Bloggers also observe the news and do not hesitate to publish their thoughts. People follow different blogs in order to inform themselves what the bloggers think of the current events.

But it is not that easy to be an opinion leader, because you are under a lot of pressure, knowing that people read your articles and listen to you very carefully. You are their leader and you have no right to mislead them. You can easily stop being an opinion leader and be replaced by someone new with fresh ideas and original thoughts.

If you want to be an opinion leader, it is not enough to be a charismatic person with an extraordinary thinking and briliant ideas. You have to be honest and equitable. And you simply have to gain people’s trust. But first you have to deserve it.


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