Does internet make journalism better or worse?

There has been a lot of discussion about wether the internet makes journalism better or worse. There isn’t a correct answer. Everbody has a different opinion. But what everybody agrees on, is that the internet accelerates journalism.

Some people like internet more than the written press, others like the written press more. I don’t have a preference. I like the internet but I also like the written press. It’s both good in their own way. The internet will not change journalism, only journalists can change journalism. The internet does accelerate journalism but the quality will remain the same. There is on the other hand a fear for incorrect news. Because everything goes faster on the internet, it will happen more often that news is incorrect, but with the internet one can change and correct articles in a very easy way.

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About ditteinsideout

Hey! Ik ben Ditte en ben 24 jaar. Op mijn negende kreeg ik de diagnose PDD-NOS, een vorm van autisme. Ik kwam er pas op mijn vijftiende achter dat ik autisme heb. Het was een hele grote schok voor me. In deze blog schrijf ik over het leven met autisme en wat ik heb meegemaakt. Lees, geniet, huil... Wie weet herken je jezelf er wel in!

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