Buy friends on facebook

On the Australian website Usocial you can buy Twitterfollowers or friends on Facebook. Facebook is not happy with the initiative of the site. It has said that if Usocial doesn’t stop immediately with selling friends, Facebook will let lawyers handle the problem. According to Facebook it’s a violation of the Facebook rights.

I agree with Facebook that it is a ridiculous initiative. Okay, so having many friends means you’re popular. But who wants to be popular if you have to pay for it? I have never heared of anything so stupid. If you want to buy 10 000 friends, you have to pay 777 euros. Who on earth wants to give that kind of money just to have more friends on facebook? Please people, don’t be so stupid! If you buy friends, it really doesn’t mean you’re more popular than you were before. You’re just kind of a sad person if you buy friends…

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About ditteinsideout

Hey! Ik ben Ditte en ben 24 jaar. Op mijn negende kreeg ik de diagnose PDD-NOS, een vorm van autisme. Ik kwam er pas op mijn vijftiende achter dat ik autisme heb. Het was een hele grote schok voor me. In deze blog schrijf ik over het leven met autisme en wat ik heb meegemaakt. Lees, geniet, huil... Wie weet herken je jezelf er wel in!

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