When the Clicks Kill the Content

Being a journalist in an online media gives you wide possibilities to express and share your ideas. But working for an online media also makes you think about the clicks and the views of your articles. Maybe too much sometimes. And this “too much” in some cases just kills the content. Kills your ideas. Kills the purpose of journalism.

You start thinking about strategies how to attract more and more people, which inevitably makes you write for the mass taste and use clichés. First you start making small compromises with yourself, you think that it’s not such a big deal, but then the compromises become bigger and bigger. Until you lose yourself in them. 

Once you cross a certain moral border, it’s not hard to cross it again. At some point you start thinking that it’s not so wrong to distort a bit the truth. Later you will think that even a lie is not so bad and can’t do much harm after all.

You put bombastic titles, all capital letters, and numerous exclamation marks to some material with no real content just in the name of the views. Everything is “SENSATION!”, “SHOCK!”, “OMG!”… You need clicks. Lets make some scandal! Creating news from nothing. You don’t care about the people who will read it. Don’t care that you will lose their time when you mislead them with the bombastic titles and that they will read an empty text. Dumb words. Don’t care that your article looks cheap and sounds cheap. Don’t care that the people disrespect you and swear at you a thousand times per day. Where is your dignity? The views matter more…

You become addicted to the popularity, but not to the sense which you could bring with your materials. Are you a journalist? Or are you just a click chaser?

Don’t kill your content. The clicks don’t matter. The sense does.



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