Social Journalism Study UK 2013

I came accross these UK study results about how social media has an impact on journalism. I was stunned when I read that Twitter is more popular than Facebook for UK journalists, but when I thought it through it’s actually logical. Twitter isn’t very popular when you know that most of the people who know it, don’t use it. But it’s actually very helpful to find the latest news where Facebook is loaded with a lot of uninteresting personal status updates.

An other interesting thing that the study proves, is that UK journalists use social media for up to two hours a day. That’s quite a lot, I believe. 22% use it for 2-4 hours a day and 11% even use it for more than four hours! What I almost can’t believe is that about 4% doesn’t use it at all. I figured that every journalist uses it today, but four out of hundred doesn’t. Weird! The reasons why they don’t use it, are privacy, the regulations from their organisation and online hate or trolling.

92% of the journalists uses Twitter, we already knew that Twitter was popular among UK journalists, but did you also know that they like LinkedIn better than Facebook? 83% uses LinkedIn and 82% Facebook. It’s only one percent, but still!

Not all the journalists use the same social medium, so how do PRs contact journalists? Well, still 90% by e-mail, 58% by telephone (!) and only 19% by social media.

Is social media that important for (UK) journalism as I thought? The answer is clearly “NO!”.


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