How can online journalism survive?

Journalist Mathew Ingram thinks it’s hard for online journalism to survive these days. Without a wealthy benefactor it’s almost impossible to have enough fundings. A few of his tips are to find a rich benefactor or to ask for donations. I think Ingram is right.

Today the world of journalism is changing to a digital world. Printed newspapers don’t have the succes they once had anymore. But what nobody seems to think about is that it’s not easy to fund online journalism. How can you make a succesful newssite without the money you need for it? I think Ingram is right and that you have to let the world help you. Without a rich benefactor I don’t think it’s possible to keep a website going. Another option is to ask for donations. But it’s not very easy to convince people to donate money for a website. People are used to the free news. In the digital media adds are too cheap and they don’t bring enough money to sustain a website.

Another option is of course to let people pay for the articles you post on your newssite, but I think a lot of people won’t use your newssite anymore. They don’t want to pay for articles they probably don’t even read completely. I think paywalls have an opposite effect and that newssites will lose clients by making the site paying. There are of course the people who have a subscription to the printed newspaper, they won’t mind to pay for the site as well. But the people who don’t subscribe to one newspaper and are used to go from one newssite to another, won’t want to pay to read articles. So I think there aren’t any other options than the ones that Ingram suggests. The world of journalism, printed and online, becomes harder each day and we will have to find a way to fund our journalism or otherwise journalism will slowly disappear.Read the article by Mathew Ingram here.

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Hey! Ik ben Ditte en ben 24 jaar. Op mijn negende kreeg ik de diagnose PDD-NOS, een vorm van autisme. Ik kwam er pas op mijn vijftiende achter dat ik autisme heb. Het was een hele grote schok voor me. In deze blog schrijf ik over het leven met autisme en wat ik heb meegemaakt. Lees, geniet, huil... Wie weet herken je jezelf er wel in!

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