Does neutrality exist?

What about saying your opinion of a subject? Would people like to know what journalists think about each new?

In my university of Spain, Universidad de Navarra, they have always told us that one of the most important virtues of a journalist is being neutral. People want to know what it is happening all around the world. The work of the journalist is making readers aware of what it is going on, so they can create their own opinion about it.

However, under my point of view, it is nearly impossible to be 100% objective when you are writing or telling news. Even if you want to tell the story as it has occurred, you are going to do it from your point of view, because you already have some thoughts about it that determine your way of giving the news.

Moreover, I think that it is not a bad idea for society that journalists give their opinion, but they should distinguish well the subjective part of the article and the objective one. There is a lot of people who don’t know many about politics for example, so, for them it would be a help to have someone who guide them, and reading a lot of different opinions and arguments they may create their own.

So, we don’t have to be afraid of making people know what we think, as longs as we make clear that it is just our opinion. As Marcus Aurelius said:

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth”. 


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