“Is there a difference between online news and printed press?”

Today I ran into an interesting opinion piece from De Standaard, written by Tom Naegels.

After the promotion around the new Belgian newssite NewsMonkey, on which already an article has been written on the blog, Tom Naegels would like to share his opinion about the online journalism in Belgium.

First, he doesn’t believe that the Internet will enhance the quality of journalism. He gives some examples of mistakes made on online news sites. He believes too many errors are being made on online platforms. Of course, that is not only the case on news sites, the actual printed press makes mistakes as well. That’s why he doesn’t accept the saying that online is better than print. They both make the same mistakes.

Second, he also argues that some news sites aren’t real news sites. Some of the online platforms don’t bring news, they bring opinion and in-depth stories. So there’s a difference.

Moreover, he cannot know if the information on the news sites is correct. There is less monitoring and control on what the sites publish, and there are no real competitors who place an opposing view.

Tom Naegels thinks that news on the internet is going the same way as news in the printed press. There are professionals and amateurs, correct and incorrect information, sensation and depth. That’s normal. And so there’s not really a difference between the two.

You can read the entire article (in Dutch) here


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