New Belgian news site NewsMonkey

As said before, the printed press is in trouble. Partly because of the decline in advertising revenues. Advertisers are not interested anymore in funding printed press.

Newspapers and journalists need to find new ways to bring their news to the people. A new initiative in Belgium shows us how we can change our ways of news gathering. is a new project by Mick Van Loon, Wouter Verschelden and Patrick Van Waeyenberge, and supported by several Belgian journalists, who ‘lives to the rhythm of the web and social media‘. It’s a news site who hopes to survive by crowdfunding. The site looks for small shareholders. Starting from 50 euros, you can become a co-owner.

The site’s goal is to strengthen their bond between journalists and news readers. They have promised to keep their content free. Everyone who’s interested can access the content of the site.


3 thoughts on “New Belgian news site NewsMonkey

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