Blogging is fashionable

“What do you think of when J says “poor”? Is it your short of cash? Or is it your state of mind?”

This quotation welcomes everybody, who visits the Museum of Fashion in Antwerp, Belgium. When I first saw this sentence, it immediately made me thinking about how fashion is irreversibly related to one’s true state of mind.

And so is blogging.

When I walk down Meir Str. a.k.a the shopping street in Antwerp, sometimes I find the clothes in the shop windows crazy and sometimes I find them quite cool. If you really think about it, fashion is about expressing yourself. Just like publishing articles in a blog. Designers show who they are by making clothes. We can do it by posting our opinion in a blog on the internet.  Some people may find our thoughts crazy, but others can be amazed by our ideas.

We should not be afraid of expressing ourselves. The clothes in the shops on Meir Str. are fashionable, which means that expressing yourself is fashionable. Blogging is a way to express yourself and thus it is fashionable.

So, go for it, publish your craziest ideas and see how many new friends you will find. Blogging is fashionable. Be fashionable 🙂


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