6 Advantages Online Media Give to the Journalists

As a journalism student I have already had a few professional practices and I have chosen to develop my career mainly in the sphere of the online media. But what are my reasons? Here are some of the advantages which the online media give to the journalists.

1) The feedback is really important. The online media give the possibility for direct, very fast and various feedbacks. The readers of one article could be a good corrective and advisor. They show which are the most popular and loved topics, or the taboo ones, what more you need in your material, or what is needless. They can even give new ideas and topics to develop. This way of communication also shortens the distance between the author and the readers.

2) The unlimited space to develop the ideas and the topics. The online media give bigger possibility for creativity, better expression of thoughts and showing one’s different style without bothering for limitations.

3) The possibility to mix text, video and sound. Adding sound and video components to an article can make it richer and much more influential.

4) The possibility for fast editing. Being as correct as possible in the information which you offer to the audience is one of the most important things in the journalism. The online media allow you to correct your mistakes on time and to add more information to the article if you get new facts.

5) Adding hyperlinks to connected articles. It gives people who are not so familiar with a certain topic the chance to become better oriented in the respective subject and follow its development by reading some background materials etc.

6) It is not so hard to start and develop your own media. You do not need a big start-up capital and it is quite easy to popularise your media by the social networks. You just need a good strategy, fresh ideas and some courage.


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