4 stages of the online journalistic process

We have learned in class there are 4 stages in the journalistic process on the web. Gathering, distilling, presenting and engaging. The first 3 are also used for the traditional media, although engaging is only for online journalism.

1. Gathering

Traditional media Online journalism
People used to phone in newsitems. Governments and so on contacted the newspapers on their own accord. How do we gather our news these days? We find our inspiration on the web. Everybody (companies, magazines..) puts there newsitems on their site. Journalists keep a close tap on sites with newsfacts that interest them, and transform those into articles.

2. Distilling

Traditional media Online journalism
In a newspaper, it is a single person who decides which articles are published. He or she is called an editor-in-chief, and his/her job is (amongst other things) to pick the articles for the next issue. Nowadays, the journalism decides what he or she writes an article about. Because there isn’t just one medium for them to publish in, they have the entire world wide web for that.

3. Presenting

Traditional media Online journalism
Presentation was very easy in traditional media. Not very much the job of the journalist, but of professional designers. Journalists only finished their stories, they didn’t really worry about the presentation. The way of presentation has certainly changed. You can now post newsarticles on blogs, and these are different then traditional newssites, they are focussed on 1 theme. And the way of presenting your article has to be attuned to the reader.

4. Engaging

Traditional media Online journalism
There was no engagement with the readers and the writers. It used to be a one-way-street, the traditional media supplied the stories, and we read them. The most used way of engaging is of course with social media, but there are other ways. Authors sometimes give gifts away, when you for instance retweet them. Gifts like eBooks and so on. And on the bottom of almost every page on the web, you find the part where you can give your opinion. Journalists can here see how their articles are received by the public.



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