Museums in the digital era

Museums can be more interesting when you add some digital journalism applications, in my opinion. By applications, I mean QR-codes, smart sensors, touch screens and so on. That’s also the opinion from The site exists since 2003 and they publish annual studies. This time, they analysed how you can use digital stuff in a museum. They devided the study into three parts:
– before the visit (discovery stage)
– during the vist (direct experience stage)
– after the visit (stage where the experience is shared)

This is what they published about it:

The results of this last study have revealed a highly intensive use of technology during the discovery stage (mainly focused on promotional activities in social networks and the development of applications for smart devices); a diminished use of tools during the visit to the physical installations of the corresponding institutions (mainly focused on the use of certain technologies for the purpose of enriching the visit); and lastly, a low use of technologies to encourage the exchange of experiences after the visit.

You can download the full study on the bottom of this page.


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