Is ‘blogging’ digital journalism?

What is digital journalism?

I have an idea of what digital journalism is, but I can’t give a clear explanation or definition. And since this blog is about digital journalism, I thought I’d have a look at the World Wide Web. More specifically, I looked up “definition digital journalism” in Google, world’s most famous search engine. Of course, the first site that comes across is our famous Wikipedia.

According to Wikipedia, digital journalism is “journalism originating from the Internet. Technological innovations, which previously allowed the mass distribution of news and information to large audience is now giving that power to individuals. Digital journalism is creating a new media landscape for the 21st century, with low barriers to entry, computer networking technologies, and new writing genres such as blogs. Freed from the necessity of large investments in distribution and production equipment, individuals and grass-root organizations have pioneered various new journalistic styles and practices and generated new communicative forms such as YouTube and hyperlocal geographically-based websites.”

I believe this is a pretty good definition of what digital journalism is. And I want to talk about blogs. Because our blog is about digital journalism, and it appears that blogs are in fact digital journalism (which is a little bit confusing, but it’s true). I think blogs are a perfect way for individuals to say their say on the internet, so that everyone who wants to read and follow, can read and follow people who have the same interests. Writing a blog is a lot of work, especially if you want to have a great amount of followers and readers. For some, blogging has become a full-time job.

But, my question, is every blog digital journalism? You have fashion blogs, movie blogs, DIY blogs, garden blogs, … Do these blogs fall under the name ‘journalism’? Do they have a ‘journalistic’ value? Or do they just give us fun information?

Blogging is becoming/has become big business. But the problem is that not all blogs give good quality information. Some blogs are just about what people ate that day. So I am a bit sceptical about the fact that ‘blogs’ are a way of digital journalism. But then again, the definition on Wikipedia said so. And although Wikipedia isn’t always reliable, the majority of internet using world believes in Wikipedia. And who am I to doubt the Wikipedia definition, if I had to look up the definition myself, on Wikipedia?


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