Would you like an expert?

(Almost) all of us are on some social media. I, for instance, use it very much to find people I need for school, or to keep in touch with classmates for a project or two.

Facebook is all right for searching people, but not ideal to find an expert. You have to befriend them, otherwise your message will get lost in the “other”-category of your mailbox.

Twitter is very good to contact people, but sometimes you can’t be sure they see you message in time. Sometimes it’s not even the correct account. Very annoying.

If you want to look for an expert, here are some good ideas:

  • First, the most obvious of them all. Wikipedia. I know, but a lot of those people know very much about the things they write about. Here you find a lot of names, and you can contact them via Facebook, Twitter or, if they’re real experts, there will be an email-adress when you “google” them.
  • Slideshare is a site on which people share powerpoint-presentations. You don’t do that if you don’t know about the project you talk about.
  • Scribd is also a nice site. It’s a digital library. You can search for author’s, for subjects, for books etc.
  • Everybody knows Pinterest. Even I do, and I had never visited the site. Now, I have and account (there’s nothing on it, don’t bother looking for it) just so I could see what the fuss is about. But it’s true, you can find lots of people on that site. If you don’t get stuck on cute dog-pictures, you search for architecture for instance. Then you find a lot of people who know a lot of architecture.
  • Ask.fm is also very useful! You ask a question, and real people anwser it. The one downside is that it encourages bullying and it has some inappropriate sexual content on it. I have heard that the makers are working on that.

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