What the best digital-first magazine leaders do

Have you ever thought about the strategies that the leaders of online communication follow? Above you can find six lessons of the main digital organizations: 

1) First you have to understand the audience, and with it you will find new markets to explore. This is good for the product (the magazine) but it is also beneficial regarding to advertising. If you know which kind of people is going to buy the product, you know which adverts you should put which will interest to that specific audience. 

2) It is really important to differentiate between print and digital edition. Most of the companies use print edition to earn money and digital one to grow as a media.

3) Launch new businesses under the magazine brand. 

4) The need to create and maintain communities. People with same interests should be in relation because it is assumed that they are going to consume the same product; however, they have to be in contact with other communities too. 

5) Digital journalists have to “invent the future” in different ways: ways of writing, new concepts, new organisation strategies…

6) Organisation should change because in the web information is changing every moment and not only journalists get this information updated. Moreover, the way stories are told should be reconsidered.

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