My opinion on news sites

As a journalism student, I have learned over the years that journalism is changing. If you want to become a newspaper journalist, you have to think about the fact that newspaper journalism is in decline. If you want to become a print journalist, you’ll have to learn about the influence and use of Internet journalism. It is becoming more and more important.

As a journalism student, I am expected to follow the news in all sorts of different media, including the Internet and on social media. I am very supportive of digital journalism, news sites and social media, but…

Sometimes, I think it’s hard to structure all the information we see and hear. Sometimes, I think we get too much information on the internet, and it is hard to start looking for some specific information. Breaking news appears on all different news sites, and people immediately start commenting on Twitter, Facebook or their blogs. I think it’s very good that you can get information that quickly, but sometimes there’s an overload.

I think that’s one of the challenges digital journalism has to take on. I follow different news sites, and so I need to have some structure. I don’t know myself how I would structure all the information, but I think first of all, the home page of the sites of newspapers needs to change. The structure of the sites needs to be more sober and sophisticated.

I hope within a few years, news sites will have changed and enhanced into a more structured and sophisticated platform.


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