What about the future of print journalims?

Since Internet was created, it has been considered as a threat for journalists. But, should we be worried because this new invention or not?

Well, in my opinion it depends on how this new media is used. I think it is really usefull to have an online journal because if it is free, more people will read it. But journalists should be very carefull as long as they offer news on the Internet for free. Furthermore, if they don’t receive any money for their work that won’t be worth doing.

Moreover, big media companies have started to focus more and more in their digital editions than in their printed newspapers. An example of that could be the english journal ‘Financial Times’, that will accelerate its transition to a electronic journal. Instead of publishing the most important information in the printed edition, it will use the paper to complement the online edition, and readers will find all the information via web.

Will this be the future of journalism? What is going to happen with printed papers? I don’t think they will disappear, but probably electronic journals will win importance and be more popular and usefull than paper ones.


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