The 7 sins on the internet

I have found a nice article on the web today. It applies the 7 sins to the social media. I find this an excellent idea for an article. Later on I will give the site that gave me the idea, but I didn’t copy anything. Just saying, in the original article the author gives suggestions on how to avoid these sins. I don’t. I will just point out the problem.

The seven sins are of course vanity, gluttony, sloth, lust, greed, anger and jealousy. I could indeed find all of them in the social media.


Well, this is like kicking in an open door. A lot of things people share are really out of vanity. Look at my new car. Don’t you think my legs look so very nice in this picture? Please delete that, I look horrible!


If you have a stiff neck after a day staring at that small screen, you should really slow down. If you don’t read your tweets or status-updates, the world won’t stop turning. It will even be a little better, ‘cos you will be able to see the faces of your friends moving. They won’t be still like all those pictures you’ve been staring at for way too long.


Everybody tells me that they are on social media, because they are bored. Being lazy means having nothing to do, but planning being lazy ahead is a bad habit. I find it sad that we can’t be a little bored and lazy  anymore, without turning our smartphones on.


Well… I’ll just let you do the thinking here. Lot’s of things on the world wide webb are…not very suitable for children. You take it from there…


Some people are not very caring and giving on the web. For instance, if you would give them some vegetables from Farmville, they will never give some back. They will play the game, they will take your stuff, only to have the best farm in all the land. (Snow White-reference)


Have you never found a youtube-conversation that just went to far? One that should have ended like 5 comments ago? That means you have never even read the comments, have you? People always find new things to argue about, sometimes you wonder just what those people do when they are not in front of the computer


Think about this, you never really put up something bad about yourself on Facebook, do you? Seeing all these positive things about other people’s lives, ofthen makes us jealous. This isn’t something I made up, I read it somewhere in a study.

For the article that gave me the idea, click here. It’s in dutch, I’m sorry about that!


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