TV – One of the Queens of the Media

Even if the debate about the positive and negative effects of TV has always been in the spotlight, it has been the most popular communication tool until the appareance of the Internet. Now, with this new communication way, TV’s influence has decreased a bit, but it continues to be a really powerful media.

Below you can find some of the most important moments in the history of television:

1) The opening ceremonies of the 1939 World’s Fair

2) The Olympic hockey match of USA against Russia. USA won the match.

3) Situation comedies or sitcoms were very popular before color appeared at TV. Nowadays, as everyone know, they are also really popular.

4) COPS (1988): the first TV show that took place with real people. There were no actors and nothing was fiction, not as sitcoms.

5) First humans landing on the Moon. On 20th of October of 1969 Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Ed ‘Buzz’ Aldrin landed on the Moon. It was the first time that humans arrived to the Moon and the entire world had the chance to see that awesome moment thanks to TV.

6) Vietnam’s war. There were so many correspondents covering the war and they were really well equiped. People could see what was really happening, so after this war journalists were more controled and they lost their freedom to public some kind of news and images.

7) The tsunami of Indonesia in the year 2004. This 9.0 magnitudes tsunami that took place in Indonesia the 26 of december of 2004 killed 280000 people. Everything that was happening in Indonesia was broadcasted by TV, so a few days later a lot of help arrived there, victims received many donations from people from all around the world because everyone was aware of the disaster.

8) The Bulova watch commercial was the first paid commercial at TV. TV commercials have many influence on us, but also on the broadcasting, because they usually make stops for advertising when the most interesting moment is going to take place.

9) First TV debate between politics (Kenedy vs Nixon in 1960). It is said that Kenedy won the elections because his role in this debate. This changed the ways political campaigns were going to take place in EEUU and in all the world.

10) In the year 1950 color finally reached TV, and with it Disney’s ‘Wonderful world of color’ was published.

So, after analyzing these points, would you say that the mains effects of TV are negative? Well, in my opinion it can have negative effects as eveything have when you use it so much, but it really has some incredible positive effects, it depends on how do you use it. It depends on you.

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