5 Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging In a Minute

Have you ever dreamed of having your own media? Guess what – your time has come! Many people all over the world have been maintaining blogs for ages. In my opinion blogs are a very important “invention”, because they simply give you the opportunity to express your thoughts and feelings. The Blog is like your personal online diary.

Another good thing about blogs is that you get immediate feedback from your audience. People comment and share their opinion on your articles and that way you get lots of different points of view.

May be some of you worry that once you have sent your ideas to the cyber space, they can be “stolen” and used by somebody else, regardless of your writes as an author of the text. Calm down! First of all, your blog can always be deleted. Also, whenever somebody hits one of the tags of your articles in Google or somewhere else,  your name will immediately pop up. It will be clear that you are the one and only owner of your blog.

If you love taking photos, the blog is your way to show the world your findings as a photographer. That way you can easily update your internet diary with visual information.

Last but not least, your blog is your personal media. You already are a journalist with a bright fiture. It is like you have your own newspaper with your own texts and photos. How cool is that!

So, go for it, my friends. Dive in. The world is listening!


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