2 apps for your news-needs!

If you want to know the state of the art news, where do you go? The answer I always get is Twitter. You just follow a newspaper and you get tweets of articles. Very useful.

I find it very annoying, lots of tweets I don’t reed ‘cos I’m really not that interested. I found 2 great and FREE apps to solve this problem!

Circa News (By Circa 1605, Inc.)
Zite (By Zite, Inc.)

  • Circa News

This app is like tweets from a newspaper, but not quite. It publishes stories in small and compact forms. It doesn’t give the article as a big text you don’t finish. Also, the content is breaking news, so things are up there right after they happen.
It is available in a lot of different languages, and you can download it on your iPhone (I have it on my iPhone 3!), iPod Touch or iPad.
If you read a story online, you don’t even read all of it. Research has shown that people start reading the upper left corner of the article. And after that, to be honest, they stop. We scan the subtitles, and look at the pictures. And if there are little lists in the article, we will also read them.
So, we don’t really need the big articles. We are very content with the basics.

To download it from iTunes, click here.
To download it for an Android, click here

  • Zite

Now this is a little bit different. You know a magazine right? 50 pages with a lot of articles, some of which you don’t even read. If you see how little you have read, why do you even buy it?
That’s where this comes in handy. You can create your own magazine with this app. You simply select the subjects you would like to read about, and then you see a a layout just like a magazine with articles about the subjects you care about. It looks just like a paper magazine, and it’s all interesting.
On a more negative note, I can’t open it on my iPhone3. It needs a more evolved iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. So that’s a shame.

To download it from iTunes, click here.
To download it for an Android, click here.


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