Bootcamp for digital journalism

Digital journalism is currently in its rise and will only become more important over the years. The Guardian, one of the quality newspapers of the UK, knows that, and has developed a boot camp for journalists to learn about the digital world and to enhance their digital journalistic skills.

The journalists who participate to the boot camp, will learn all the aspects of digital journalism: how it works, how to operate within it and how digital journalism will be of an importance in the future. The journalists will learn all the new skills necessary to pursue their own digital projects. They will learn to create their own website, to blog and to present news online. They get to know how to work with online communities and how to search through the digital world.

The course is given by some professionals inside the job. It is especially interesting for print journalists. Sales figures of newspapers continue to drop, and the digital market will have to compensate the loss.

I think it’s a great idea to give a course like that. I believe our generation, but especially the generation after, will use the internet constantly for searching news and topics. It is really important journalists will learn how to use the internet correctly, and how they can transfer their message through internet and digital platforms.

Read the article.


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